Staying healthy can be challenging during the winter months, especially when many over-the-counter remedies can weaken or suppress our immune system. Hey, it’s called cold and flu season for a reason! But you can fight back. Maintaining a strong immune system is your best bet for fighting off colds, flu, and other viral strains and germs. Here are some safe, natural, and highly-effective strategies you can use to stay healthy now and throughout the year. 

  1. Use Humidifiers: The use of humidifiers can help kill airborne pathogens in your home; you can add essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, or hyssop for additional respiratory benefits.
  2. Pack Mud: Mudpack your hands and feet for seven minutes, then do a medi-bath and medi-cleanse soak in hot water for 20 minutes. This therapy will detoxify and energize your body.
  3. Burn Sage: Practice the ancient practice of burning sage in the home. Burning sage has been proven to kill 94% of airborne bacteria and the effects are said to last for weeks.  
  4. Have Healthy Habits: Follow healthy habits like washing your hands regularly throughout the day, eating well, and getting lots of rest. And don’t forget to drink pure water and to supplement your diet with bone broths. Get a healthy dose of sunlight whenever possible, too. Alternatively, a verilux lamp can provide much-needed Vitamin D through its full-spectrum rays of light throughout the winter months spent indoors.
  5. Stay Away from Sugar: Avoid sugar and alcohol, which lower the immune system’s response and delays the healing process.
  6. Take Supplements: Consume high doses of Vitamin D3, Alka-C, wild bear garlic, and wild oregano. You’ll notice the difference!
  7. Go Herbal: Herbal formulations can kill viruses and bacteria, including echinacea intrinsic, mycelia Intrinsic, olive leaf intrinsic, and cat’s claw intrinsic.
  8. Get Homeopathic Help: Homeopathic supplements like flu milieu, drainage milieu, and lymph-1 can help open cells and drain symptoms of discomfort. Throat spray milieu prevents pathogens from coming in through the respiratory tract and also soothes and protects the throat.
  9. Zap with Zinc: Taking zinc supplements can increase your T-cell activity and help ward off many infections.
  10. Sweeten with Honey: This tastes as good as it works: Mix the juice of a lemon with a tablespoon of honey. You can swallow one teaspoon every 30 minutes to achieve the maximum effect.
  11. Consider a Colonic: Visiting my colonic hygienist at AVENUES 2 HEALTH (914-623-3999) is an excellent way to hydrate the colon while clearing debris adhering to the intestinal wall. Colonics gently assist the body by clearing mucus that could be impairing proper digestion and by stopping the creation of additional mucus that must be excreted by the lungs.

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