When summer rolls into fall we may prepare for the cooler weather in a number of ways, removing fans and air conditioners from windows or replacing summer clothes with our fall wardrobes. But precious little thought is given to how we might prepare and equip our bodies for the seasonal change.

4304448427_714f158913_mMost instances of flu, colds and allergies are traced to nutritional deficiencies that contribute to a run-down and weakened immune system. Symptoms include a weak thymus, which is a lymphoid gland located behind the sternum and in front of the heart, low acid PH levels, weak kidneys, and a toxic/overburdened liver, gall bladder and colon.

My list of 11 surefire flu and cold prevention tips includes the following suggestions—some obvious, some not so much:

  • Avoid the Flu Shot: I’m  asked about the flu vaccine frequently and cringe when I see signs advertising its benefits—like it’s as harmless to the body as eating an organic apple. Protecting yourself from the flu vaccine may be more important than protection from the flu itself, many medical experts now agree. My son had surgery this year and every medical person we encountered pushed the vaccine on us like a commissioned sales agent. I politely but firmly declined, and they became quite irate with me! This is a billion-dollar industry; do we really believe they have our best interests in mind?

You decide, but here’s some food for thought: First, the flu vaccine doesn’t guarantee your immunity because it’s a passive immunity shot—it can only protect you from getting a particular strain of virus during a very short period of time, and viruses are known to morph and evolve into different strains all the time. What’s more, the vaccine may make you more susceptible to contracting the flu because of the stress and weakening of your body’s immune system, which is now forced to mount a defense against toxins introduced into the body by the vaccine and place further stress on the liver and colon, which has to clear them out. Which toxins? Ethylene Glycol, used in automobile anti-freeze; Carbolic Acid, a toxic and caustic poison; Formaldehyde, an embalming fluid that causes cancer; Aluminum, which causes cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s Disease, seizures and cancer; and Mercury, an extremely toxic heavy metal that kills brain and immune cells. Not to mention strains of the flu virus itself that are contained in the vaccine along with other ingredients—what effect will that have on someone with an already-suppressed immune system?

  • Decrease Intake of Food Stressors: Decreasing your intake of food stressors like sugary soft drinks, processed foods, hydrogenated oils and junk food is great place to start. Foods which may not be stressful during one season may be extremely so during another, exacerbated by environmental factors like dead and dying leaves, molds, and ragweed, which weaken the immune system. Dairy foods like ice cream, cheese plates and dips consumed during the summer can congest the colon. Casein, the protein found in milk products, creates mucus, which prevents nutrient absorption and backs up in the sinuses and lungs. I typically recommend a colonic cleansing once a week from late August through mid-September, but anytime during fall would be useful.

Sugars immediately decrease the immune system function, and a strong immune system is essential to fighting off viruses and other illness like the flu. Caffeine stresses the adrenal glands, causing cortisol and epinephrine to be excreted continuously, which leads to adrenal exhaustion. Adrenal exhaustion inhibits your body’s ability to achieve a restful night’s sleep, which is essential to fight off bacterial and viral invaders.

  • Avoid Sick People and Crowds, if possible.
  • Load Up On a Superior Probiotic: Flora 12+ or Premier probiotic. Our bodies require three pounds of good bacteria in our intestines to achieve a healthy immune system.
  • Use Flu Preventives: I recommend daily use of a throat spray called Throat Spray Tone, which kills bacteria and viruses before they enter the body’s system. Another homeopathic remedy I recommend is called Flu Tone, which is used to fight flu symptoms, cold symptoms and airplane viruses.
  • Wash Your Hands thoroughly and frequently and keep your hands out of your nose, mouth and eyes.
  • Keep Warm—avoid getting chilled.
  • Keep Moving! Make sure you are walking, and continue to exercise out in the fresh air and sunlight each day, if possible.
  • Get Eight Hours of Sleep.
  • Respond to First Signs of Illness: At I recommend a foot bath or hand soak at the first signs of feeling weak and achy. I recommend 12 cups of hot water mixed with one cup of Medi-Body Bath and one cup of Medi-Body Soak to achieve an immediate reduction in symptoms, and immediate detoxification and restoration of the body’s electrolyte balance.
  • Avoid Over-the Counter Remedies: Over-the-counter pharmaceuticals are designed  suppress and cover up symptoms rather than release them from the body. But remember, untreated or suppressed flu symptoms can lead to pneumonia. Better out than in, I always say. The excretion phase of a runny nose, for example, is much healthier than suppression, which pushes it more deeply into the lungs—50,000 deaths per year due to colds and flu doesn’t make good sense to me. Prevention starts with good personal hygiene, cleaning out the body’s garbage and toxins, and with a healthy diet, which means something different for each season.

Please let me know what you think in the comment section below. If any of the products mentioned interest you, or if you’d like to talk or set up an appointment please feel free to reach out at drsevensky@optonline.net.

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