1)     Definition and Use. Medi-Body Pack is applied externally to draw out deeply embedded toxins such as metals (mercury), dioxin, petrochemicals, and aniline residues (from injected anaesthetics).quantumRX-media-body-pack

2)     Spectacular Results. Medi-Body Pack is easy and safe to apply, providing a quick resolution for scars, including easy drainage and whole toxin release.  Scars operate like interference fields in the body. Similar to an insulated electrical wire with a deep slice, scars can prevent proper nerve flow and restrict proper electrical signal and nutrient transmission to the rest of the body.

3)     Combination. Medi-Body Pack can be combined with five special fluids to form a potent detox for the body. This process creates a highly resonant energy, mixing with clays, minerals and other components of the Medi-Body pack. Mixture with water is less efficient and requires more treatments. This combination may also be used for head injuries and concussions, since it’s easy to wash the “mud” out of the hair and scalp.

4)     Preparation. 

  • Mix two tablespoons of Medi-Body Pack powder plus one Vcap of Preimeir HCL (open capsule, pour out contents) plus two teaspoons of Detox (or other selected fluid) to create a thick, pudding-like “mud” paste, which you apply to your hands, feet, or injury location.
  • Mix well in a non-metallic container (glass or plastic) with a non-metallic spoon (Lexan or plastic). Do not use metal utensils, as the mixture is designed to draw out metal.
  • Let mixture set (covered) for five minutes before use.

5)     Select Target Area(s). Carefully select the appropriate target area to treat.

  • Clear the Four Download Areas. Before selecting a specific target area, it is important to test if all other four download areas are strong.  The Four Download areas are the hands (front and back-both sides), feet (top and bottom).
  • Clear the Three Detox Organs, which filter out all the poisons and toxins of the body. The Three Detox Organs are Kidneys, Liver and Large Intestine. You can clear these areas by applying a Medi-Body Pack to each area individually, one at a time to any of the areas that test the week.
  • After Clearing the Download Areas and Organs, select the interference field that needs to be detoxified. Smaller areas should go first since large areas might need to have multiple treatments by breaking it up into smaller sections 3 inches in diameter.

6)     Application. Mentally divide the selected target area into smaller areas, each about the size of a silver dollar. Apply only enough mud to cover the first silver dollar area. Rub mud into the area vigorously for about three seconds; leave on for about seven minutes. Repeat this process to the next area until the entire target area is covered. It’s best to do this during daylight hours and before 7 pm.

7)     Wash off Pack. Wash the mud off all areas. Please note: Do not reuse the mud because it has already absorbed some impurities during the treatment.

8)     Go Outside for Five Minutes. Go outside for five minutes after the treatment (even on evenings) to receive broad spectrum solar radiation. This helps stabilize, nourish and strengthen the areas that have been detoxified. You can go outside for a few minutes even during cold weather. It’s best to do this before sunset; the treatment tends to up-regulate the cells, providing you with increased energy.

9)     Number of Medi-Packs. You can use up to three Medi-Body Packs (different areas at one time)a healthy individual can do a series of 3 areas three times per week.

If you’ve been chronically ill, please begin with one Medi-pack on one area only. In addition, spread it out the frequency of the packs only  complete two per week until you get stronger.

10)  Medi-Blast. After a Medi-Pack you MUST do a Medi-Blast.

A Medi-Blast, is a soak using 1/2 cup of Medi-Body Soak and 1/2 cup Medi-Body Bath in 12 cups of water. This is a gentle but purifying foot bath that pulls out toxins that were released from pathways throughout the whole body. This helps prevent other areas of the body from “jamming” up with toxic load.

11)  Apply Premier Rejuvenation Cream. After Medi-Blast, wait for 10 minutes before a massage then apply a small amount of Premiere Rejuvenation Cream or Premier H.A. repair cream to the target area ( that has just been mud-packed) in order to further stabilize and nourish it and regenerate the cells for repair & healing to occur.

12)  In order to know what scars to mudpack & which fluid to use with the mud:

A QRA session with Dr.Seven-Sky must be scheduled to test every scar, vaccination or trauma to the body in order to determine the sequence of the Mud-packing as well as the fluid you need  to mix with the mud; it is completely individualized for each patient.

Important to Note: For flu or other acute illness such as a cold or sore throat: Immediately soak feet with one cup of Medi-Body Soak* and 12 cups of water. You will create an ionic exchange, replacing toxins with essential electrolytes and minerals, restoring your vitality quickly before the illness has a chance to take hold.

If you’re interested in purchasing the mud-packing materials, please let me know. And let me know how it goes. Here’s to your health!

*Medi-Body Soak Ingredients: Solar-dried, prehistoric minerals, mediterranean sea crystals, dead sea minerals, Hawaiin sea minerals with red alaea clay, laminaria digita (kelp) frond, ascophyllum nodosum (Atlantic kelp) frond, syzgium aromaticum (clove) bud.

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