A new biofeedback-mediated color therapy has shown great promise in the treatment of anxiety, addictions, depression and 5457878430_13417dbe8a_mpost-traumatic stress. The system, which is called Harmonial, can be used as a supplement to traditional medical treatment and as an enhancement to homeopathy to improve one’s overall state of well-being.

The brain is relaxed and stimulated at the same time during a Harmonial session, which works by creating a unique and individualized progression of images, colors and sounds based on biofeedback data generated from the patient’s answers to a related questionnaire and color test.

The visual and auditory stimulation is intended to alleviate and correct suspected neurophysiologic imbalances, helping the patient to achieve balance, and this is normally accomplished with 10 treatments over the course of four to 12 weeks.

I. To Balance the Mind

The treatment addresses the permanent balance between the body and the psyche, where everything we feel physically and psychologically can lead to stress and depression that unbalances our cerebral hemispheres and changes our day-to-day behavior. These mood disorders, and instances of anxiety, depression and stress can result in fatigue and sleep problems.

II. To Balance the Body

The treatment addresses sound as a vibration that doesn’t stop on the skin, but spreads throughout the body. Different sound frequencies provided during the treatment come into contact with our cells and molecules and help balance them, similar to the tuning a musical instrument. The body responds to the treatment through echoes of sound felt in the bones, muscles and nervous system.

The treatment posits that the entire universe is made up of energy and this energy passes through networks or waves/photons, which vibrate at different frequencies. Physical, mental and emotional disease can block this energy and give off the wrong vibratory frequency. The Harmonix system helps provide a personalized therapeutic experience that restores balance back to the mind and body.

III. To Overcome Addiction and Reduce Medication Dependency

Dr. Raul Rodriguez, a Board Certified Psychiatrist and ASAM Certified Addictionologist, works with a difficult adult addiction and psychiatric population in Delray Beach, Florida.

“I’m faced with high expectations regarding treatment efficacy and intense pressure to help save many of my clients from the near dire consequences of their illness- related behaviors,” Rodriguez says.

“When I first tried Harmonial I was truly awed by the intense psychoactive power of the session. I never expected such a rapid and intense effect on my mind. Even my first session had some lasting effects on my sense of well-being,” he adds.

“The patients noted the most prominent benefits in mood, anxiety levels and sleep. Participating patients did better overall in terms of overall treatment efficacy and satisfaction. Patients who consistently used Harmonial tended to require significantly less medication,” Rodriguez concludes.

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Dr. Rodrguez on Harmonial’s Effective Treatment for Drug Addiction & Smoke Cessation: