Wouldn’t it be helpful to discover your body’s personal biological preference for nutrition—the exact nutrients, vitamins, minerals or enzymes that would bring it into optimal health and performance?

We think so and that’s why a biosurvey tool from Zyto has become a touchstone of Dr. Sevensky’s (Dr7Sky) holistic health and wellness practice. She uses this technology to explore your body’s biological preference for medicine, nutritional supplements and treatments, bringing it back into chemical balance and enabling you to avoid illness and function at a higher levels.

In this post Dr. Sevensky provides five compelling reasons to understand your body’s biological preferences:

#1 Gain Health Insights

Perhaps, like most people, you’ve never had opportunity to ask your body what it needs. But after completing your biosurvey scan with the FDA-approved hand cradle, a unique and comprehensive report will be generated describing your body’s biological preferences. Insights gained from this simple and painless process will prompt a closer look at specific organs and body systems, and together you and Dr. Sevensky will explore your body’s biological preferences for medicine, nutritional supplements, and treatments. Biological preference simply means the stimuli to which your body will most favorably respond. Using this information, you and Dr. Sevensky will decide on a clinical strategy developed specifically for you, based on your body’s responses.

#2 Identify Your Body’s Nutritional Preferences

Do you shop regularly at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, purchasing nutritional supplements and vitamins in an effort to boost your health and wellness? Many people do, but you can’t do “once size fits all” when it comes to the human body. Each of us is a beautiful living organism with unique needs. The biosurvey results will identify your body’s exact nutritional preferences and identify the exact nutritional supplements and how much is needed to bring your body back into chemical balance for optimal performance.

#3 Save Time & Money

Once again, don’t spend time and money on nutritional supplements and health products your body doesn’t need. Starting with Dr. Sevensky’s biosurvey scan means you get a correct diagnosis and understanding of your body’s biological preferences before proceeding with remedies. Remember, there are many good nutritional supplements on the market but you probably don’t need them all! Making the right choice up front when investing in health supplements will pay for itself over time and save you time and aggravation.

#4 Improved Health & Performance 

Dr. Seven-sky’s patients report an increase in energy and fitness on a regular basis, the result of reducing the amount of energy your body consumes in its effort to bring about a healthy chemical balance—things like fighting off colds, or trying to bring an under-performing kidney, liver, gall bladder or pancreas back into line. The biosurvey tool helps identify what your body needs to maintain balance, keeping your energy levels high by giving your body the extra help it needs.

#5 Ongoing Measurement and Monitoring

The biosurvey process provides insights now and in the future so you can get healthy and stay healthy—and you can purchase the hand cradle to continue the monitoring process at home via computer. By studying the biocommunication scans over time you and Dr. Sevensky can tweak and optimize your biological preferences for nutritional supplements and treatments. You’ll have what your body needs to feel good throughout your life, while monitoring the effects of long term and hereditary health issues on your body.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Make an appointment today for a mini-biosurvey scan with Dr. Seven-sky at drsevensky@optimum.net or 914-305-4254.







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