Dr. Susan Seven-Sky is a chiropractor, homeopath, who specializes in Clinical Nutritional Protocols, wellness and detoxification.

Her nutritional specialty with a penchant for biological specificity. Her traditional muscle testing often reaped superior results in assisting her with finding the right nutrients for her patients. While she no longer practices muscle testing, or applied kinesiology, (a theory stating that every organ dysfunction is accompanied by a weakness in a specific corresponding muscle), she now relies mainly on ZYTO technology, which incorporates a computer and a hand cradle to determine what a patient needs nutritionally and homeopathically, and what an individual’s underlying stressors issues might be.

The 21st century Star Trek-like technology allows the body itself to dictate its own needs. While the patient’s hand rests on the ZYTO cradle, the software begins a bio-survey of the organ, glandular and other systems of the body. The computer then sends signals – or virtual stressors – to the body and waits for a response. Each signal is representative of stressors such as chemicals, bacteria, heavy metals, or other foreign influences which may be throwing the body out of balance.

It is a great start to know before we spend money to do further laboratory testing needs to be done.

The results have been astounding, according to Seven-Sky. A young patient suffering from chronic headaches recently e-mailed her saying, “I can’t believe it, I haven’t had a headache in four days,” after being treated with the nutrients and a homeopathic remedy confirmed by the ZYTO. The machine picked up on the patient’s oscillating frequencies in the cells which act like a mirror, reflecting the missing electromagnetic fields.

This helps the determine what language her body is speaking and what it needs more than anything.

By using simple galvanic skin response this technology can determine a person’s unique biological preferences.

Which is most seen by the items the body requests the most or the least.

Just how this works is pure science and relies on the frequency of the human “bio field,” now recognized by the National Institute of Health as having a role in the healing process of the body.

“We are energy in motion,” said Seven-Sky, “even when we’re standing or sitting still.” The ZYTO works by detecting an automatic response sent through the electrical properties of the skin, or the Galvanic Skin Response. Man, and machine talk to one another through the photons of light in the DNA, which can be recorded mathematically, the codes are translated by the computer like bringing your car in for a computer diagnostic, it’s just as remarkable.

“I am continually astounded by the accuracy of this machine,” said Seven-Sky. Knowing what her patients’ bodies favorably respond to helps her with healthcare and wellness decisions for them.  It’s a case of technology and human expertise working together.

“My own son, who suffers from autism and seizures related to a childhood immunization, was having vertigo & difficulty standing upright,” she said. “I immediately put him on the machine, which matched a frequency for a homeopathic remedy.” He responded to the recommended treatment for his ears, afterwards this confirmed by an ENT. According to the bio-communication company that manufactures ZYTO, there is s a 98% correlation to Western medical testing, such as radiography and blood work, but without the invasive and sometimes harmful side effects. Seven-Sky has found that the machine has saved her patients thousands in lab tests.

When asked how the technology has changed her practice, Seven-Sky says that is has grown. Previously, the muscle testing would prolong visits up to three hours; now we can get to the immediate need without guessing. Reports are received via e-mail to supplement their visit, explain the findings, and instruct on how to self-administer the recommended supplements and remedies.

“I’m now able to go beyond the obvious and find out what’s behind a patient’s symptoms,” said Seven-Sky, who also treats patients as far away as Colorado, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Florida, and Arizona via cyberspace. “The beauty is, that although only trained medical professionals can purchase and use the machine and software, patients can purchase their own hand cradles and receive emailed reports from thousands of miles away.”

It has been the best option in these days when we are restricting travel.

Dr. Susan Seven-Sky received her Doctor of Chiropractic Care from the University of Bridgeport and did her post-graduate studies in chiropractic and homeopathy at the New York Chiropractic College. She is also a graduate of the New England School of Homeopathy. Dr. Seven-Sky is a licensed chiropractor and neuromuscular therapist in both Connecticut and New York States and has been practicing holistic medicine for over 30 years. She has served individuals and families in maintaining their health care by providing them with complementary choices to Western medicine to support their healing process. Dr. Seven-Sky’s chiropractic practice is unique because of her extensive schooling and certifications in the fields of homeopathic medicine, clinical nutrition, fatty acids and blood work analyses, phlebotomy, neuromuscular therapy, infant massage, cranial sacral therapy, QRA (kinesiology) muscle testing, and childbirth education.

Currently, The Office is only receiving new patients for Zyto remote sessions or the Shape Reclaimed and Heavy metal testing protocols only. ( all other services have been discontinued)

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