water&wineTESTIMONIAL: When a child isn’t healthy there’s little a mother won’t do to make him well, and this was certainly the case with Angela Sinnott and her son, Ryan. The onset of illness began at age 15, after Ryan woke up one morning complaining of severe nausea. This marked the beginning of a downward spiral in health and a long and difficult path to recovery.

Ryan’s nausea morphed into other symptoms—headaches, stomachaches, intestinal pain, fatigue, aches, joint and back pain, weight loss, an internal burning feeling, bloody noses, and acne, to name a few. He was also diagnosed with mononeucleosis, an enlarged spleen and a gallstone of approximately 6 mm. Ryan was getting progressively worse, physically as well as emotionally. He became depressed and anxious and it became increasingly difficult to function with the pain. His energy level was greatly diminished and his schoolwork was suffering.

Gall bladder removal recommendation

There was no definitive course of treatment, even after consultations with several pediatricians, gastroenterologists and surgeons, in addition to a battery of tests and lab work. One specialist recommended removing Ryan’s gall bladder, even though it might not solve the problem or make Ryan feel better, he freely admitted. In desperation, Angela turned to Dr. Seven-Sky after receiving a recommendation from another chiropractor. The results of Ryan’s Zyto Scan indicated congestion and clogging in his liver and gall bladder, causing his blood to be polluted with toxins. Dr. Seven-Sky also discovered the presence of candida and heavy metals toxicity in Ryan’s intestines.

Rejuvenating treatment

Dr. Seven-Sky rejuvenated Ryan’s body with homeopathy, nutritional supplements, herbs and chiropractic care, and Ryan felt a noticeable difference in just three short weeks. In fact, Dr. Seven-Sky was able to reverse Ryan’s condition completely over the next three years, helping his gall bladder and liver to function at optimal efficiency.

Dr. Seven-Sky explains: “Three years may seem like a long time to clear the gall bladder, but statistics demonstrate that patients unable to digest fats eat more sugars, starches and carbohydrates and develop diabetes within three years of having their gall bladder out. Also, it was a compliance issue at first as Ryan was cheating a lot with junk food at McDonalds and Chinese take-out. Finally, Ryan made a commitment to himself that he wanted to feel well, have beautiful skin and look attractive to the opposite sex, and that’s when things really changed.”

“To give you an analogy, it’s like a car that receives a radiator flush, enabling the radiator’s continued use rather than replacement. There was no longer any need to remove Ryan’s gall bladder because it was functioning properly now,” says Dr. Seven-Sky.

Ryan’s new lease on life

Ryan was rejuvenated with a new lease on life: His appetite returned, his nausea and other symptom vanished, and he began to excel again at his studies. His previous signs of hyperactivity also disappeared due to the relaxing of his nervous system. His nerves were agitated continuously by the presence of heavy metals toxicity incurred from having had metal braces on his teeth.

“Whatever you’re doing for Ryan,” his teachers told Angela, “keep doing it!” Angela is thrilled that that Ryan has his life back and she has her son back.

Mom’s turn to get well

Angela was so impressed with Dr. Seven-Sky’s treatment that she scheduled an appointment for herself, having wrestled with her own health ailments over the years.

Dr. Seven-Sky again used the Zyto Scan to glimpse what was going on in Angela’s body and the results were astounding.  She discovered a vital deficiency of minerals and essential nutrients, a partial loss of hearing, vascular occlusion (constriction of the arteries) and, most notably, the presence of a precancerous cell on her vocal cord. Her ENT was stunned when she reported this to him on her next visit: “We never find precancerous cells this early—how did you know to come in?” the doctor asked. He wanted to operate to remove the cell but Angela returned to Dr. Seven-Sky’s office, believing correctly that the one who discovered the condition would be best equipped to treat it.

“You were three for three,” Angela told Dr. Seven-Sky. She was well again in a very short time, as Dr. Seven-Sky worked with Angela through homeopathy and nutritional supplements.

Helping the body to heal itself

Dr. Seven-Sky explains: “I treat the patient and work with their bodies to get them healthy.  When you give it what it needs the body knows how to let go of toxins and create a channel to get rid of them. The body will heal itself, but it’s important to remember that healing is a process: You give the body the tools needed to stimulate its own immune system, helping the body to become disease-free. The body equipped, by it’s own wisdom, now has the tools to remove toxins from the liver, and return probiotics to the intestines to fight toxins—all of this can be accomplished by the body as long as it has the nutrients, homeopathy and herbs it needs to heal itself.”

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