Thinking about the accumulation of bad bacteria in your gut is probably not something you do every day, but you should know something about it.

This doesn’redmirrort sound romantic, but for the purposes of this post let’s think of our bodies as a flow system from mouth to anus. A congested liver and gall bladder inhibits the body’s ability to produce bile. The function of bile is to surround toxins coming into the body and form them into sludgeballs, which are then excreted into the gallbladder. The excretion process occurs through our liver ducts, which become congested from the ingestion of foods with hydrogenated oils such as cookies, pastries, packaged foods and margarine. Hydrogenated oils also form when we heat delicate oils such as Omega 3,6, and 9, which are widely known to turn good oil into bad, and are found pervasively in non-organic foods made with bad fats, chemicals, preservatives and additives.

Understanding liver and kidney filters

Remember, the liver functions like your car’s oil filter and the kidneys function like your car’s air filter. Filtering and cleansing the oil and air in your car keeps it working efficiently. When the liver is not cleansing properly we end up putting extra garbage back into our bodies because our blood is not cleansed properly. This dirty blood, as it were, is then circulated or shifted to the kidneys for cleansing. But the liver and kidney filters in our body are very delicate and can’t handle the debris, so the blood thickens and increases the blood pressure to our arteries and veins.

The gall bladder must excrete enough bile to digest the bad fats. The bile creates peristalsis, which allows us to move our bowels. If the toxins aren’t moved out through the bowels they circulate back to the liver. Bile is also responsible for consuming the bad cholesterol that impedes blood circulation. The liver, if it can’t handle the toxins, will dump the toxins into our blood. Headaches result from toxins floating in the blood and kidneys and from the increase in blood pressure required to circulate the thick, dirty blood. The toxins are looking for a way out of the body since the bowels are stopped up.

The immune system and leaky gut syndrome

Additionally, when we’re engaged in overeating cooked foods our stomachs and intestines will not function properly and the food deposited there will actually start to rot because it can’t be excreted. This causes bacteria to grow, and that’s why our gut/intestine needs three pounds of a good probiotic to function properly each day. Our immune system is located in the gut. Oftentimes sickness will continue to plague us a result of this rotting food and bad bacteria growth in our gut. Candida can also be linked to heavy metals and bacteria growth in the gut, and our immune system can become quickly compromised.

key securityIt’s a vicious cycle: Bacteria eats away at the intestinal lining, which causes something called leaky gut syndrome, which in turn causes proteins the body needs to remain undigested and insufficiently broken down into amino acids. The big undigested proteins slip through the intestinal lining and circulate in the blood; the blood can’t recognize these foreign proteins and starts to attack them as invaders. This leads to food allergies if they remain in the body unchecked.

Treatment for leaky gut syndrome

The best regimen to build our immune system following leaky gut syndrome involves a protein shake with several different nutrient powders I stock here in the office. This will at least provide the basic nutrients that the body needs. Coral Legend with the Aloe Pro, along with 3 caps of probiotic given on an empty stomach two times per day will start the healing process in the gut. Digestive enzymes must also be taken before consuming any cooked meal, as well as gall bladder and HCL nutrient support after each meal containing fat or protein. These will need to be basic dietary staples and we must remember to initiate the liver detoxification process slowly so our bodies can tolerate the process. Eliminating sugars and bad fats and curtailing our eating out is another must-do to get this infection under control. Neurotransmitters for our adrenals will help support our bodies during stresses related to work and family life.

Finally, all the nutrition the world will not help the body if it doesn’t get its required sleep. We should be asleep by 10 pm. Sleep can be supported by taking two Tranquinol at 9 pm; five drops of core valerian at 9:30 pm and one dropper-full of Relax Tone with three sprays of melatonin. We should go to sleep four hours after we eat, no sooner.

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