Most of us understand the importance of a healthy mouth and how essential it is to our overall health and wellness. We go to the dentist dutifully once or twice a year, seldom questioning the use of mercury in certain dental procedures and the effects this can have on the health of our teeth, gums, and supporting tissues.Cheerful young brunette woman with beautiful smile biting finger

But understanding the long-term effects of exposure to dental amalgam/silver fillings is particularly important. Amalgam fillings contain inorganic mercury, which is known to compromise the nervous system, brain and many other precious organs of the body. Exposure to mercury from amalgams is estimated between 3 to17 micrograms per day, simply from chewing, brushing, grinding and slow corrosion. Exposure to amalgams is toxic and dangerous to everyone’s health, but especially to children under that age of 18 and pregnant women.

Dental Amalgams/Silver Fillings

A study in The Journal of the American Medical Association found no significant neurological or behavioral changes in children who had mercury amalgam (silver) fillings compared to kids who had composite (white) fillings placed. But the study was flawed in a number of ways, including a failure to emphasize the significantly higher levels of mercury found in the urine of kids with amalgam fillings—proof from their own evidence that amalgam fillings release a mercury vapor that the body absorbs, and this applies to new and old fillings.

The International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), an allied group of dentists, physicians and research professionals, is concerned with the anecdotal claims of safety made by manufacturers and dental trade associations, which, they say, are at variance with published, peer-reviewed, scientific evidence to the contrary. This video documenting the release of toxic mercury vapor from a 25-year-old tooth with an amalgam filling was designed to illustrate the point.

Mercury, when removed from teeth, is considered toxic waste by the Environmental Protection Agency. What’s more, when released in vapor form the mercury released from an amalgam filling could challenge federally-accepted air quality standards, as the IAOMT video documents. But I’ve struggled to find the logic in the law as it stands today, which seems to say that it’s okay to put mercury in someone’s mouth, but not okay put it in the garbage—okay to have toxic mercury vapor in someone’s mouth, but not okay to have it in the air we breathe.

As recently as March 5, 2014, the IAOMT indicated that the battle is far from over, joining a group of plaintiffs who filed a lawsuit against the Federal Drug Administration for failing to address the risks of mercury in dental fillings.

Detox from Dental Amalgams

Mercury can remain in the body for many years even after the dental amalgams are removed from the mouth. People with amalgam fillings have been found to have significantly elevated blood-mercury levels—3 to 5 times more in the urine, and 2 to 12 times more in their tissues. However blood- and urine-mercury levels don’t necessarily correspond to mercury loads in body tissues or the severity of clinical symptoms.

In research performed on sheep and monkeys with dental amalgams, blood-mercury levels remained low despite having raised tissue-mercury levels. There was also a low correlation between urine-mercury and tissue-mercury levels, since urine-mercury levels merely reflect the cumulative amount of inorganic mercury in the kidneys.

Pursuing Detoxification and Wholeness

But there’s good news in all of this: You can have amalgams safely removed from your mouth by a trained biological dentist. The IAOMT even offer a look-up service for member biological dentists by zip code.

But remember, amalgam removal is only the first step toward heavy metals detoxification of the body. The remaining mercury deposited in places like the brain, organs, and tissue must be removed with the right holistic nutritional approach.

I’ve helped many patients through the heavy metals detoxification process in my chiro and wellness practice, removing mercury from the body safely and naturally.

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