“My decision to become a patient of Dr. Seven –Sky’s was the best investment I could have made toward the improvement of my health and general well-being. The superior treatment and profound guidance I have received is why I have remained a client for over 24 years.

Dr. Seven-Sky provides a unique and collaborative approach toward healing. She utilizes the cutting edge technology of the Zyto machine, an amazing diagnostic tool, however, her real gift is her innate intuitive capability and the way she can compile and simplify all of the information into understandable language and treatment suggestions.

Dr. Seven–Sky is invested in her patients and in seeing the transformation as the needs of their body and mind are met.  Dr. Seven-Sky is a born healer with a huge heart. She is truly a gift to all that work with her” – CL

“Dr. Seven-Sky has restored the health of both myself and my teenage daughter.

My daughter is off psychotropic medications. Her mood is now calm, happy, and stable WITHOUT prescription pharmaceuticals.

I’m off sleep aids for the first time in years. As a result, I sleep deeply, dream and am able to be creative and focused at my job the next day. I am less snappy and more patient with family members.

Both my daughter and I know we are under the care of a doctor who truly cares about us and is watching our health closely. This is the best doctor either one of us has even gone to. We will continue to see her for as long as she is in practice” – R.G.

“Dr. Seven-Sky,

I am headed home from GA, after seeing my GI motility expert.

He was amazed and pleased to see that my nerve stimulation conduction has improved.

He could not believe that last year when things were so dire that there has been so much improvement.

I attribute this to you and our work.

I am so happy that I can avoid surgery. He wants me to return in 8 weeks for a special test for bacteria, yet he says that if this goes well, I will not have to come back again. Thank you very much” – KG

“Dr. Seven-Sky,

You are one of the top two people I am most thankful for this New Year.

I wanted to thank you so much for everything; I am amazed at how much better I feel.

Wishing you & your son many blessings this Holiday.

Best Regards” -AG

“Hi Dr. Seven-Sky,

My Son is feeling so much better! Right after he started taking the supplements he felt better. This is so amazing. I am so fortunate to have found this way of life. Thank you for always helping me. I would like to come in this week to see what I need to do next. Please let me know your schedule for the rest of the week what you have available. Thanks, and God bless you” AS

“Hi Dr. Seven-Sky,

I hope you are having a good day! I wanted to write you back with a multitude of thanks because you are a healing genius! 

Here are my findings from today’s shake episode: I finished the drink, did not have a continued reaction of reflux, the nutrients have made a huge difference.

I’m drinking water now and everything is fine! Hallelujah!!

I’m so happy right now – I’m truly grateful for your patience for helping me get the reflux at bay.

Blessings to you as well” -AS